Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Conference participants will need to get a visitor visa to enter PNG. Depending on the country of origin, some participants will be able to get a visa on arrival. For those who are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival, visitor visas are free of charge.
All countries not allowed to obtain Visas on arrival:
  1. All Eastern European countries
  2. All South East Asian countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc)
    Except for Philippines, and Malaysia
  3. All African countries
  4. All Middle East countries
  5. Australia (since 1 March 2014)
Countries allowed to obtain Visas on Arrival
  1. All Pacific countries
  2. All Western European countries
  3. All Americans
  4. New Zealand

Applying for a Papua New Guinean Visa
Where to Apply
Your application form, passport and supporting documents should be lodged at Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Section in Port Moresby or any Papua New Guinea Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
How to apply for PNG VISA?
All applicants must:
  • Complete and sign the correct application form
  • Attach one passport size photograph (for APEC Business Applications and Permanent Resident Application please provide two photos)
  • Pay the required fee
  • Provide any other documentary information as requested (refer to the appropriate entry category)
  • Send or deliver your application to the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission together with your valid passport.
If there is no PNG diplomatic mission in your country of residence, contact the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Division in Papua New Guinea or the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission in your region.
When to Apply
Applications must be lodged at Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Section prior to the expiry date of the current Entry Permit.
All Tourist Visas must be lodged to the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Division at least 2 months prior to departure date.
Visa fees on arrival at the designated Papua New Guinea International Ports of Entry for tourists were removed in 2013 therefore visa on arrival is now $0.
If applying outside PNG, please contact the nearest PNG Diplomatic mission to obtain fees in local currency.
Applicants can pay the required fee at:
  • Any PNG Diplomatic mission in your country of residence (if available) or
  • Mail required fees together with application to the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission within your region
If application is lodged at an Australian mission representing the Papua New Guinea Government, the application fee will no longer be collected on arrival in Papua New Guinea. Please take note that collection of visa upon arrival from Australia has now been banned.


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