Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Conference participants will need to get a visitor visa to enter PNG. Depending on the country of origin, some participants will be able to get a visa on arrival. For those who are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival, visitor visas are free of charge.
All countries not allowed to obtain Visas on arrival:
  1. All Eastern European countries
  2. All South East Asian countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc)
    Except for Philippines, and Malaysia
  3. All African countries
  4. All Middle East countries
  5. Australia (since 1 March 2014)
Countries allowed to obtain Visas on Arrival
  1. All Pacific countries
  2. All Western European countries
  3. All Americans
  4. New Zealand

Applying for a Papua New Guinean Visa
Where to Apply
Your application form, passport and supporting documents should be lodged at Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Section in Port Moresby or any Papua New Guinea Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
How to apply for PNG VISA?
All applicants must:
  • Complete and sign the correct application form
  • Attach one passport size photograph (for APEC Business Applications and Permanent Resident Application please provide two photos)
  • Pay the required fee
  • Provide any other documentary information as requested (refer to the appropriate entry category)
  • Send or deliver your application to the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission together with your valid passport.
If there is no PNG diplomatic mission in your country of residence, contact the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Division in Papua New Guinea or the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission in your region.
When to Apply
Applications must be lodged at Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Section prior to the expiry date of the current Entry Permit.
All Tourist Visas must be lodged to the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Division at least 2 months prior to departure date.
Visa fees on arrival at the designated Papua New Guinea International Ports of Entry for tourists were removed in 2013 therefore visa on arrival is now $0.
If applying outside PNG, please contact the nearest PNG Diplomatic mission to obtain fees in local currency.
Applicants can pay the required fee at:
  • Any PNG Diplomatic mission in your country of residence (if available) or
  • Mail required fees together with application to the nearest Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission within your region
If application is lodged at an Australian mission representing the Papua New Guinea Government, the application fee will no longer be collected on arrival in Papua New Guinea. Please take note that collection of visa upon arrival from Australia has now been banned.


The most common way to get to Goroka is via the capital Port Moresby by plane. Goroka is about an hour’s flight from the capital. Port Moresby can be reached from international locations such as Bali, Brisbane, Cairns, Hong Kong, Honiara, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Nadi, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.
Most international participants will need to fly to either Sydney (or Brisbane), Australia or Bali, Indonesia before flying to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Initial research into flying to Papua New Guinea can be intimidating but we will help guide you through the most reasonably priced routes.
It is advisable to access information about flights to Port Moresby directly via the airlines’ websites. (both international and domestic) (from Australia) (domestic only)
Here we provide you with some examples for costs of travel. Please note that all prices below were researched on Feb 1, 2014 and could go up or down as the year progresses.
From Port Moresby to Goroka (domestic flight)
Air Niugini from Port Moresby to Goroka is the easiest to book online:
POM – GKA, Air Niugini, RT in July – USD 320
If you decide to fly through Australia 
Virgin has the cheapest flights to Port Moresby:
Sydney to POM, Virgin, RT in July – AUD 736
Brisbane to POM, Virgin, RT in July – AUD 565
If you decide to fly from Bali
Air Niguini has the only direct flight from Bali to Port Moresby which is currently only available on Mondays. It is cheaper than the flights from Australia to Port Moresby.
Bali to POM, Air Niugini, RT in July – USD 439
To get to Australia or Bali from different regions of the world, we would recommend using a website such as Expedia or your preferred favorite airline search site. Here are some examples.
Hyderabad, India to Bali, Malaysia Airlines, RT in July – USD 605
Istanbul to Bali, Qatar Airways, RT in July – USD 885
Los Angeles to Bali, China Airlines, RT in July – USD 1262
Berlin to Bali, Etihad Airways, RT in July – USD 1385
London to Bali, Qatar Airways, RT in July – USD 1595
Santiago to Sydney, LAN operated by Quantas (direct) – USD 1854
You might also find very reasonable prices to Australian and Asian destinations on regional discount airlines like Jetstar or Air Asia.

Transport in Goroka
For transport within Goroka, the University buses will offer transport for participants from hotels to campus and around town.
If there is interest from participants to undertake further travel before or after the conference, the organisers can assist with organising a pre and post-conference trips, such as a travel to the north coast of PNG (Madang) or further into the highlands to trek PNG’s highest mountain, Mt Wilhelm.
The township of Goroka has two four star international hotels, seven lodges and number of guest houses and student dormitories. Prices range from US35 – US170 per night. We will provide suitable recommendations for accommodation to conference participants.

Accommodation Information

There are numerous accommodation options in Goroka.
The committee will provide recommendations to conference participants and we are happy to make your booking.

For all conference participants, we highly recommend;
  1. The Pacific Gardens Hotel
  2. The Bird of Paradise Hotel
  3. The Lutheran Guesthouse
  4. The Research & Conservation Foundation Guesthouse
For a more affordable option, please consider the following;
  1. Kefamo Catholic Mission House
  2. GK Lodge
  3. Kanda Rest House
  4. Emmanuel Lodge
  5. Salvation Army House
Please be advised that there will be transport provided to and from your accommodation to the conference venue for the conference days.
Contact details and accommodation rates are listed in the table below. Please note that prices might vary slightly.
Accommodation Prices
Pacific Gardens HotelP O BoxPh: 532 1139/1619 Fx: 532 2633
Standard PGK 280.00Premier PGK 515.00Premier Twin Share PGK 525.00 Suit PGK 660.00
Bird of Paradise HotelP O Box 12GOROKA, EHP 441 Ph: 532 1144
Fx: 532 1007
(1)Standard PGK 350 – 400(2) Premier Rm PGK 410 – K520.00(3) Premier Suite PGK 720 – 800.00 One B/room apartment PGK 572.00
Two B/room apartment PGK 770.00
Lutheran Mission Guest HouseP O Box 44 Goroka EHP, PNGPh: 532 1124 Bed/BfastPGK 120 p/pPGK 190 Double
RCF Transit HausP O Box 1261Goroka, EHP PNG Ph: 532 3211  Fx: 532 1123
Bed PGK 80.00 p/p(shared accommodation)
Kanda Rest HouseP O Box 1179GOROKA EHP 441 Ph: 532 2944
Fx: 532 3612
DeluxePGK 380.00Self-contained PGK 480.00
Emmanuel LodgeP O Box 1076Goroka  EHP, PNG Ph: 532 3466
Fx: 532 1654
Self-contain PGK 330.00
Goroka LodgeP O Box 343 Goroka EHP,Ph: 532 2411/  1009 Fx: 532 2307
StandardSingle PGK 220Double PGK 260 Budget
Single PGK 110
Double PGK 150
Diwai Hut LodgeP O Box 642Goroka, 441 EHP, PNG Ph: 532 3840
Fx: 532 3850
Standard PGK 295.00Deluxe PGK 350.00
Salvation Army:Goroka Motel UnitsP O Box 365 Goroka, 441 EHP PNG
Ph: 532 1382
Fx: 531 1218
Self-contain single room PGK 150.00/nightSelf-contain two rooms PGK 200.00/night
National Sports InstituteP O Box 337Goroka, EHP 441 Ph: 532  2664/2391
Fx: 532 1941
Standard PGK 88.00Double PGK 154.00
Kefamo Conference CentreP O Box 109Goroka, EHP 441 Ph: 532 1405  
GK LodgeP.O.Box 397Goroka,EHP, PNG Phone: 532 1638 19
Fax: 532 1069
Wing 1 PremierTwin share  PGK 275.00Standard Dble   PGK 220.00 Standard Single   PGK 198.00
Wing 2 Premium   PGK 350.00
Standard Twin Share   PGK 380.00